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Evaluation Regression Models as a Tool in Medical Research (2012)


"I enjoyed very much in this practical, comprehensive and well structured course. I've gained a lot from the course and I'm very much more confident in performing the regression analysis with more detailed and professional approach and in a wider scope. Thanks again to the whole team who have make this course a great success!"

This is just one of the many positive mails we received after the course. Other participants wrote:

  •  "It was very satisfying course though at times the maths part of it went over my head, being from medical field. But it was quite practical with worked out examples. Enjoyed it. "
  •  "I have liked a lot your course, it is very well structured and the material very clear and interesting."


15 participants filled out our evaluation questionnaire. All 15 stated, "that they would recommend this course to anyone in the future" and some added sentences like these:

  • "I enjoyed how the theory was written in fairly simple language with 'examples'. It didn't focus too much on the 'maths' behind the models, but rather put the models into perspective."
  •  "The materials are of good quality. The interesting exercises help to understand the theory and of course very good organization of the course-contact with the participants and meeting the deadlines."


Due to the many positive responses we got, we have decided to repeat the course in 2013 in nearly unchanged form. However, we added some new Stata features.


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